The Aegean Maritime Museum is housed in a traditional Cycladic building of the 19th century, in the center of Mykonos, at Tria Pigadia. The building belonged to the legendary Μaster Nicholas Surmeli.

The Museum exhibits ship dunks from the pre-Minoan period to the early 20th century, historical shipping documents, rare engravings and maps, ancient objects, naval instruments, accessories and tools, as well as nautical motifs from the 5th century BC. Until the 5th century AD, the library of the Museum consists of about 5,000 rare books, old and newer publications including a collection of manuscripts and photographs and is continuously being enriched.

To get to the Aegean Maritime Museum you can either enjoy a 13-minute walk (950 metres) in the Mykonos’ famous alleys. For more information please contact the reception desk.